Industrial Logistics Division


The Industrial Logistics Division was created especially for customers who require comprehensive logistics services. We transport material to the customer from suppliers, within the client's company and subsequently the flow to customers. We also have warehouses to store materials and goods between transport. We optimise these processes to maximise cost savings for our customers.

Customised solutions

We help our customer find the optimal solution to suit their needs. Based on the given customer requirements we design optimal logistics solutions that save time, energy and money.

Customs services

We have been providing customs services for a long time. We have a simplified customs procedure permit. We handle customs formalities for you and speed up the entire logistics process.



pallet space

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We ensure your shipment is at the right place at the right time.

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Handling, assembly, labelling, repackaging

We have warehouse space for handling goods. Our services include labelling, packaging in plastic wrap and the overall assembly of goods.

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Logistics process optimisation

We will advise on and find a suitable solution.